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Ko Chang is the second-largest island in Thailand. It’s name translates as ‘Elephant Island’, but you won’t find any wild elephants around here. Instead the name comes from the big hills that make up the island.

There’s a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere that permeates the whole of Ko Chang. No one here is really that concerned with tourism; they let the natural attractions speak for themselves. However, that doesn’t mean nothing exciting happens; Ko Chang has an awesome night scene if you go looking for it.

Ko Chang is known for its series of long sandy beaches. Most of them have pure white sand and are backed by massive hills topped with rich green jungle. The western beaches are the best, but unsurprisingly this means that they’re the busiest.

Dive into the crystal clear waters and see the range of marine life that’s protected by the national park. You might see hard corals, yellow fusiliers and moray eels. Advanced divers can see the wrecks of WWII Japanese boats and ancient Chinese trading ships. If you want to reach the next level of relaxation, head to one of the spas at Ao Bai Lan and Ao Salak Kok.

Despite increased development over recent years, Ko Chang still manages to feel green, simple and natural, especially if you visit the south-eastern villages and mangrove forests.

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