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Koh Kood is a little island paradise not too far from Cambodia. Until recently, it wasn’t open to the public, so you may not have seen it before. Koh Kood is a gorgeous backdrop for any holiday. Some have even said it reminds them of the Maldives (without the hefty price tag)!

Tourists were kept from this island for years, so it has managed to maintain its beautiful shoreline. Also known as ‘Koh Kut’ or ‘Ko Kud’, this island sits at the eastern point of the Gulf of Thailand. It’s the fourth largest island in the country, but you wouldn’t know it as they haven’t really developed it. Instead, the island has been left to grow naturally so the dense tropical rainforest has taken over in a brilliant way.

The locals make a living from fishing and growing coconut palms or rubber trees, but not tourism. Because of this, you could say the nightlife is kind of quiet. You’re better off going to Ko Chang for a wild party. There are no roads on Koh Kood, so explore the island on foot or by kayak. The island is blessed with some stunning waterfalls, the most famous is Nam Tok Khlong Chao. You can also visit the fishing village of Ban Ao Salat and try the catch of a day.

The beaches, of course, are the main draw of Koh Kood. The white beaches of Ao Khlong Chao and Ao Ngam Kho are the most popular as accommodation and restaurants are within an easy walking distance. However, more adventurous travellers might prefer Ao Bang Bao. It’s arguably a longer and better beach, but there’s no nearby village so it’s much more isolated. For diving, you can get a boat to diving sites around Ko Chang.

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