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Just south-east of Ko Hai, Koh Mook is home to a busy fishing village and some gorgeous beaches. Hat Farang, has pure white sand and calm blue waters, perfect for swimming and snorkelling,

Once you’re done with the beach, head to Tham Morakhot. This ‘Emerald Cave’ is just north of Hat Farang and is truly outstanding. Swim through the cave (probably in complete darkness) and land on an inland beach made up of powdery sand. Look up and you’ll see that you’re at the base of a natural chimney dripping in vegetation. If swimming’s not your thing, you can always kayak here or get a boat. This is a beautiful secluded spot where you can relax and enjoy the slightly unusual atmosphere and being surrounded by nature.

Koh Mook might not have the most pristine beaches, or the most attractions, however it’s still a fantastic place to visit in Thailand. There are little treasures dotted around the island just waiting to be discovered. More seasoned Thai explorers will love it here as there isn’t much made for tourists. From here you can explore the nearby islands of Ko Hai and Ko Kradan. Or, you could even head back to the mainland and explore Hat Chao Mai National Park.

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