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Koh Phangan​ is known as one of the best party venues in south-east Asia. And, it’s the birthplace of the full moon party. Thousands of people flock here each year bringing glow in the dark paint, loud music and a great atmosphere. Time your itinerary right, and you could be part of the crazy party scene. Back in the 1970s, Koh Phangan​ was a destination not many people knew about. However, travellers got wind of a new island with pristine untamed beaches and things began to change.

The island has evolved from the quiet tranquil paradise it once was to something quite different. It’s certainly a lot less innocent; the full moon parties have seen to that. However, those who visited this island before it was discovered by the masses will know that there’s much more to it than its beaches and parties. You just need to go and discover it.

Hat Khuat is a gorgeous stretch of sand right next to a series of bright green hills. It’s not that busy as you have to hike from Ban Chalok Lam to get there and most people can’t be bothered. If you don’t mind hiking, you could also see Nam Tok Phaeng, which is a truly breathtaking waterfall. The climb is short but tough because it’s covered in roots, but it’s well worth it for the view.

The most adventurous travellers will climb up to Khao Ra – as the highest mountain on the island, it stands at 625 metres. On your way you might spot monkeys,​ wild crocodiles, deer and boar. At the top, you might be able to see Koh Tao on a clear day. In the north of Koh Phangan​ there are a few sleepy villages. They’re not so good for parties, but fantastic for getting a taste of the laid-back atmosphere.

With Koh Phangan​ you get it all; wild and raucous parties and quiet secluded spots for meditation and reflection. We love that the locals make a concerted effort to keep the beaches clean.

Time your trip according to what you want to experience. Come for the quieter days in the lunar cycle for a bit of tranquillity or visit during the full moon for one of the best parties of your life.

Plan your trip to Koh Phangan​ today.

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