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The white sandy beaches of Koh Samet are just as good as any of the others in Thailand. However, they have one thing most beach destinations don’t: seclusion. There are just a handful of lodges and hotels to stay in, so not many people come here. They tend to opt for more well-known beaches like Phuket – however, they’re missing a trick. Koh Samet is surrounded by the Khao Laem Ya-Mu Ko Samet National Park so, when you visit here, you’ll feel like you’ve escaped from the modern world to an island of tranquillity. What could be better for a beach break than that?

Koh Samet is just two hours away from Bangkok by car or by speedboat. It’s really popular with Thai people trying to get away from the city and foreigners looking to relax before making their trip home. It was once the go-to destination for adventurous backpackers, but now people come from all backgrounds to enjoy the pure white sands. Koh Samet has 14 small, but breathtaking, beaches. Watch the bright blue waters wash against the shore from under the shade of the coconut and cajeput trees. You can always take a dip to cool off.

Koh Samet has a bit of everything. For a peaceful and tranquil holiday head to the southern part of the island. There’s fire-juggling, barbecues and casual beach bars. Don’t expect anything too wild but there’s definitely options outside of your resort.

Koh Samet is surprisingly underdeveloped considering it’s the closest major island to Bangkok. But that’s why we like it. The thick jungle spreads out onto the beach giving Koh Samet character and a bit of mystique. Koh Samet avoids the worst of the monsoon season, so you can visit all year round.

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