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The capital province of Eastern Cambodia, Kratie is a laid-back river town that most come to in an attempt to spot river dolphins. Kratie is also filled with French-era architecture and has been cited as one of the best locations to watch the sunsets – so be sure to pack a decent camera to capture the view!

Due to its small scale of the town itself, it’s easy to get around by foot or bicycle (which can be hired from numerous stores dotted around the town). If you’d prefer to visit some further afield locations, such as the surrounding countryside, you can hire a motorbike.

The Phnom Sombok Temple is one of the main sights in the area. The interior is designed with some striking scenes of torture said to depict those who once failed to live a holy life.

But as mentioned, it’s the Irrawaddy dolphin watching experience that truly sets this resort apart. One of the best locations to spot them is within Kampi village (about 15 km away), but as there’s no ‘best’ time of the day to catch a glimpse, it’s purely down to luck. You can choose a guided tour, private boat, or simply watch at your leisure on the bank.

You might also want to visit the turtle sanctuary located in a section of the Wat Sorsor Moi Roi at Sambor (around 35 km north of Kratie). You’ll be taken on a guided tour for around 20-30 minutes and your visit will help support their valuable conservation work.

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