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Kuala Lumpur is energetic, exciting and slightly contradictory. Its tall skyscrapers will make you think of a sci-fi film, while its ancient temples and historic sites will transport you back in time. This juxtaposition makes Kuala Lumpur a great place to visit.

Get a feel for the city by heading up to one of the sky bars and peering over the edge. You’ll see the towering skyscrapers, flashing LEDS and get a sense of how the city knits together to create this vibrant, engaging atmosphere. Go up at night and grab a cocktail for the best introduction to Kuala Lumpur’s colourful cityscape. Head right to the top of the Petronas Towers if you can. Walk along the bridge between the two towers for a truly exhilarating experience (if you’re brave enough).

Jalan Alor has some of the best local street food and will give you the energy you need for exploring the city. Learn about the area’s history and culture at the Jamek Mosque. It’s the oldest and most famous mosque in town; its intricate details are simply fascinating. After that, take a trip to the Hindu Sri Maha Mariamman Temple. There are a few museums scattered around; the National Textile Museum is interesting, but it’s the National Museum that you should really see. It outlines all of Malaysia’s history, right up to the present day. Afterwards, head to the Islamic Arts Museum as the ancient jewellery, manuscripts and architecture here are well worth seeing.

Kuala Lumpur is a truly multicultural city. It has embraced its visitors and taken the best bits from their various cultures to create an exciting urban destination built around iconic, ancient landmarks. One of the best ways to see how these different influences come together is by tasting as much of the local food as possible. Most dishes will be a mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian specialties, and trust us you’ll want to try them all! Throw yourself into the Malaysian tradition of eating small, regular meals so you get to sample as much as possible.

There’s plenty to see and do here – you’ll certainly need a few days to discover some of Kuala Lumpur’s secrets. For something really different, you could choose to stay in a stilt house in Kampung Baru in the heart of the city.

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