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Le Morne is characterised by the almost cube-shaped rock that juts out of the ocean. You can see it from almost any point in south-west Mauritius. This area was a shelter for runaway slaves in the 18th century, and is now seen as a sacred spot by some of the local Creole populations. UNESCO has also recognised its importance, and made it a protected site. Modern Le Morne is a stunning beachside paradise. Sunseekers and animal lovers will love it here as you can occasionally see dolphins springing from the water from the comfort of your deckchair.

The cuboid rock that makes this destination famous is named Le Morne Brabant. You can climb 556 metres up this rock, as it stands strong in the water. You’ll discover caves where the slaves hid, and have great views of the national park at the top. Le Morne has a range of stunning beaches, perhaps some of the best in Mauritius. They’re totally free from development, right up to the Baie du Cap. With long stretches of untouched sand, you’ll feel like you’re all alone on your private island. What could be better than that?

Nearby, away from the more sheltered beaches, are some of the best places in Mauritius for surfing. If you’re a seasoned pro, take a boat to one of the exposed reef breaks – they can prove quite a challenge. If you fancy some other water sports, you could try kitesurfing. There are lots of schools where you can learn how to do this.

Le Morne is a beautiful, but isolated, space. It may seem strange, but the huge rock is a fantastic monument to what the slaves went through to gain their freedom and the magical tourist haven Mauritius has become. This area has been nicknamed the ‘five-star strip’ as it has more than its fair share of luxury resorts.

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