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Lose yourself in nature at the Linyanti Concession, a geographically fascinating part of Botswana known for its rich ecosystems, waterways and diverse wildlife.

The Linyanti Concession, also known as the Linyanti Wildlife Reserve, is remote, peaceful and startling beautiful. It’s over 1,250 square kilometres of pristine wilderness, just waiting to be explored.

The Reserve is right next to Chobe National Park, and many of Chobe’s inhabitants wander freely across borders. One of the most remarkable sights here takes place between November and April, when one of the largest zebra migrations on earth begins The region has a high density of majestic elephants, and is also home to rare antelope species, hippos, impala, giraffe, vervet monkeys, African wildcats and wildebeest.

The Linyanti Concession is a birdwatcher’s paradise. In fact, it’s an internationally recognised Important Birding Area (IBA). Due to the variety of different habitats here, there’s an equally diverse range of bird species – including Southern Carmine Bee-eaters, Bradfields Hornbills, Ostriches and Collared Sunbirds to name just a few.

There are many ways to get the authentic Okavango experience and glimpse the wild inhabitants of Linyanti, including game drives, boat trips and walking safaris. A fantastic way to get your pulse racing is a thrilling night drive, where you can spot shy, fascinating animals you wouldn’t otherwise see in the daytime.

And once you’re all worn out after a day spent exploring the wonders of the Concession, you’ll have a choice of cosy, luxurious lodges to stay in. Just picture yourself watching the sun go down next to the Linyanti River, nestled in a comfortable candlelit lodge. It’s the perfect way to finish an unforgettable day in Botswana.

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