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Luderitz is squeezed in between the Namib Desert and the South Atlantic Coast. The town’s German art nouveau architecture looks amazing, if a bit out of place in the middle of the sandy savannah. This area has barely been touched by the 21st century, so it’s a fantastic place to find out more about the German influence in this part of the world.

There’s only one road into this strange town and sand flies all over it, creating mini drifts and dunes. They can prove treacherous, but there are bulldozers working all day to keep it open. Luderitz had its heyday during the diamond boom, but now it’s just a remnant of what it used to be. The town itself is a typical Bavarian dorfchen (small village). There are plenty of churches, bakeries and cafes that remind visitors of a simple life, far away from busy cities. It’s great to stop here for a few days to appreciate the peace and quiet. You’re so far off the beaten track, no one will bother you.

Make sure you stroll along the Luderitz Peninsula during your stay. Admire the rocky coastline and keep an eye out for flamingos and penguin colonies. You might even see a whale if you take a trip out and around the bay. Try to visit the Sperrgebiet National Park when you visit Luderitz. It’s not too far away, and it’s one of the most wild and pristine natural lands in Namibia.

There are also a few activities to try during your stay; kitesurfing is a very big thing. You could also try catching crayfish, swimming in the lagoons and exploring the three local mining communities. Kolmanskop, Pomona and Bogenfels aren’t too distant, and are well worth visiting.

Luderitz has a slightly melancholic charm. It’s stuck in a time warp in a way that’s fantastic for visitors. It’s mostly been forgotten by the masses, but it’s the perfect spot for an adventurous traveller. Every day you’ll find something new as the wind whips the sand in a different direction.

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