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It’s easy to get to Lukang from pretty much anywhere on the West Coast.  It’s an old port town that has held on to its Chinese heritage, although modern development is creeping in around it. If you find the right street, you’ll find a myriad of ancient temples and buildings as well as rich local traditions. It’s a great place to come and discover both modern and ancient parts of Taiwanese culture.

You can walk around all of Lukang in one day. Stroll through the curved streets and see the different heritage buildings and family-run shops. Lukang Old Street, as the name suggests, is a historic street full of bustling shops and stalls. The red tiles and ornate shopfronts make it feel very atmospheric.

There are over 200 temples dedicated to different folk deities scattered around the town. The Longshan Temple and Matsu Temple are among the most popular, so make sure they’re on your itinerary. There are also a few museums you should go to. BRAND’S Health Museum, Lukang Folk Arts Museum and more all make for an interesting day out.

The Taiwan Glass Gallery is also found in Lukang. Here, you’ll find incredible displays of handmade glass. There’s a unique blend of practical and creative glassware; even tunnels and mazes for you to explore. Try to taste as much of the local food as possible. Most have roots in local tradition, but we’re not really sure where the phoenix eye cake and shrimp monkeys come from!

Ships used to come right up to the city, but thanks to the build-up of silt, the river is now a long walk away, and the sea is even further. Lukang is a testament to ancient Taiwan. Buildings, temples and even the food reflect traditions that have been lost across Taiwan. The locals have worked hard to preserve this spectacular area, so make the most of it while you’re here.

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