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The city of Malacca (also spelt ‘Melaka’) once defined what it was to be Malay. While the rest of the country has moved on, this city is a testament to simpler, more traditional times. Old and new blend together here to illustrate the story of Malaysia’s growth. A visit to Malacca will help you to truly understand the evolution of this great country.

Malacca has been one of Malaysia’s biggest trading points for centuries. It sits on the eastern shore, just a few hours from Kuala Lumpur. It was founded in the 15th century by a Sumatran prince and has thrived ever since. Chinese, Indian and Arab traders all left their mark; see if you can spot this as you travel around.

Thanks to the many different religions that are practised here, there is a range of iconic religious buildings hidden throughout the city. Make sure you visit the intricately-designed mosques, lavish temples and quaint colonial churches. As you walk around, look out for the old town hall. Its red-brick Dutch design is very striking; it has also been transformed into a museum so you can learn a little more about the place while you’re there.

There’s a budding art scene in this city, so a visit to a gallery or two is well worth it. Malacca is also famous for its tea shops; the plantations aren’t too far away, so every cup is fresh, aromatic and delicious. However, the street food might be the biggest draw; From dim sum to Nyonya​ to tandoori dishes, there’s something for everyone.

Visit one of the weekend markets. They’re an explosion of sights, smells and tastes from around the world, thanks to the nearby harbour. They will really help you immerse yourself in the local culture, and the markets are a great place to pick up a trinket or two. Most of the visitors to Malacca come for its exciting blend of cultures. It’s this very mix of different traditions, religions and ethnicities that created much of the Malaysian population.

Malacca’s a great place to discover what historic Malaysia would have been like; but don’t worry, there are a few modern comforts thrown in too. The city is easy to walk around, or you can always take a rickshaw. Whatever you choose to see here, we’re sure you’ll have an adventure.

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