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Mondulkiri means ‘Meeting of the Hills’ and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Situated amongst rolling countryside, pine trees and beautiful rainforests, this amazing destination just cries out to nature lovers. Although the area has faced severe deforestation in recent years, due to the valuable minerals which lie in the ground below it, the woodland here remains one of the most spectacular in the whole of Cambodia. Mondulkiri has an extremely small population and has not yet caught up with mainstream tourism, so the atmosphere offers a chilled-out vibe.

Sen Monorom is the provincial capital of Mondulkiri and a convenient place to stay during your trip. A great base for those wishing to get out and about and visit surrounding areas, this location is situated amongst the woodlands so offers easy access to nature.

One of the main sights in Mondulkiri is the Bou Sraa Waterfall. Located around 35 km away from Sen Monorom, this waterfall is the largest in the area and showcases an impressive three tiers. If you’re a bit of a thrill seeker, you might decide to try out the zip line which transports you over the waterfall. Sen Monorom also has its own smaller-scale waterfall with a large reservoir, which is open to the public to jump in and have a swim.

However, the main draw here is the opportunity to spend time with the Asian elephant – one of the only places in Cambodia to do so, and one of the most unusual spots in all of Southeast Asia for this kind of wildlife experience.

Pou Lung Village is another popular attraction for tourists to the province, and is within close reach of Mondulkiri. A great find for history lovers, this place offers incredible ancient sites which give first-hand insight into what it would have been like to live in this area many years ago.

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