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Discover an important Botswana conservation are and the oldest protected part of the Okavango Delta – at beautiful Moremi.

Moremi isn’t the largest of Botswana’s game reserves and national parks, but it is one of the most biologically diverse. This is a land of lagoons, acacia forests, floodplains and pristine, untamed wilderness. The region was sectioned off from the rest of the Okavango in 1963 by Chief Moremi III’s widow, as part of a dedicated effort to protect the country’s magnificent wildlife species from hunting.

A safari across this 5,000 square kilometre wildlife haven is rather a wet affair, as only around 30% of it is land. But this opens up new opportunities for unforgettable experiences on the water, as you enjoy a motorboat or mokoro canoe trip along the winding waterways of the Delta. You’ll swing by iconic landmarks such as Chief’s Island and its rhino population, along with Moremi Tongue – a triangle of Mopani forest lining the river in the south east of the Reserve.

Along the way, you’ll see many native species in the wild, including the Africa Big 5 – rhino (black and white), African elephant, lion, African leopard and Cape Buffalo. Moremi Game Reserve is also home to the largest group of African painted dogs in Botswana, as well as being a crucial habitat for threatened bird species and elephant herds.

Setting out from an intimate, luxurious safari camp every morning, there’s the thrilling chance to see a staggering 160 animal species, 450 bird species and 155 reptile species. Make sure to take your camera!

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