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The sleepy town of Muang La is a pastoral paradise just 28 km north of Udomxai. With its idyllic location next to the Nam Pak River and its mix of mountains, farmland and traditional Khmu Villages, Muang La is a destination you won’t forget in a hurry.

A great thing to do here is head for the hot springs. If you’ve ever been to hot springs before, you’ll know they can often be a bit of a tourist trap – not so in Muang La! The natural hot springs are free to use and get busy in the evenings when locals come for an after-work dip. With ‘tubs’ that allow you to enjoy a long (very hot!) soak while taking in the scenic river views; this really is the best place to head if your muscles are aching from trekking or hiking. Be aware that women must be fully clothed or wear a sarong, while men should keep their shorts on.

When you’ve finished relaxing, jump in the river for a refreshingly cold dip! Part of Muang La’s appeal is that there isn’t actually too much to do here, other than soak in the hot springs and stroll through the Khmu village. If you like, you can hop on the bamboo ‘ferry’ back to town.

It’s worth taking a day trip to the pilgrimage site of Wat Pha Singkham, one of the most important sites in Laos that’s home to a 400-year old Buddha. You’ll need to dress appropriately to visit the temple – women should wear a long skirt and cover their shoulders.

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