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Mui Ne is the perfect spot for a beach break from Saigon, it’s about 200km away. You won’t find much tradition here, but Mui Ne is a good spot for a breather and soaking up a little sunshine.

Mui Ne was discovered by western tourists in the 1990s, when people were looking for the ideal spot to watch the eclipse. With its clear skies and beautiful sand dunes, it’s no surprise they chose here! There is now a series of gardens right by the sea, lending some character to each section of the shoreline and making the stretch seem even more idyllic. The red and white dunes are now the main draw for tourists. The red dunes are unusual, but most would agree that the white dunes (doi cat trang) are far more impressive.

The wind sculpts the sands into wonderful formations that change each day. They’ll take your breath away, especially if you choose to hire a plastic sledge and hurtle yourself down the slopes! To make the most of these dunes, hire a quad bike or dune buggy – it’s a great experience.

You may want to visit the Fairy Spring. Walk from the sea to the source of this idyllic stream and fill up on the astounding scenery. You can also wade barefoot through the water, but remember you’ll need more substantial footwear for the hot dunes at the other end!

One of the few examples of local culture near Mui Ne are the Po Shanu Cham Towers. These three towers were built in the ninth century and are beginning to crumble, so see them now before they’re gone! Mui Ne was once a land for intrepid explorers looking for an adventure. Nowadays it’s a much more commercial area, connected by 10 km of sand – but at least this means you won’t get lost!

Kite surfers from around the globe come to Mui Ne to test their skills; the world-class conditions are just too good to pass up. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro, you’ll fit right in here. Mui Ne’s also a great spot for a weekend getaway. Those in the know come here to unwind and escape the buzz of the city.

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