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A city with an undeniably tragic past, there’s far more to Nagasaki than you could ever imagine.

Nagasaki is of course known for the devastating atomic bomb which dropped on the city on 6th August 1945. Any visitor’s first stop on arrival in the city should be the Nagasaki Peace Park and Nagasaki Museum of History, to learn about the impact of that terrible day and how the city commemorates its lost citizens.

But while this part of Nagasaki’s history is ever-present in memorials and museums, there’s also so much more to discover here. The modern-day cosmopolitan city is just gorgeous, with beautiful shrines and temples, cobblestone lanes and hilly landscapes set around a pretty harbour.

It has many curiosities just waiting to be explored, from the mysterious abandoned Gunkanjima island to the Dejima Dutch trading district. And for the best views over Nagasaki, head to Mount Inasa – especially at night when the city’s lights stretch for miles.

As you’re hopping between UNESCO Heritage sites marking Nagasaki’s proud industrial heritage, strolling through Chinatown or marvelling at its colourful Confucian shrines, make sure you try the food.

Nagasaki has an international reputation for fantastic fusion cuisine, with standout specialities including champon ramen noodles, Nagasaki Wagyu beef, fresh oyster dishes and Goto island Udon noodles.

If you’re with friends, order Shippoku Ryori – large communal food platters with influences from Japan, China, the Netherlands and Portugal. And if you like to live life dangerously, order some okoze (venomous stonefish), but only from a skilled chef who knows exactly what they’re doing.

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