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Located in the north of the country, Nan is the spot for those who wish to get up-close-and-personal with nature and see the splendour of true natural beauty. It’s also filled with ancient history, due to its connection with the Lannathai culture and Sukhothai Kingdom.

Right at the centre of the town lies Wat Phumin, a temple built in 1596, and one of Thailand’’s must-sees. In fact, tourists from around the world have been so impressed with the architecture that it’s even been compared to the Sistine Chapel in Rome – quite a statement to make! Unlike traditional temples which tend to be rectangular, Wat Phumin is box-shaped, which really makes this building stand out from the rest.

Just next door, you’ll find the National Museum, which tells you all about the local history of the area. What’s also great is that it’s free entry; so, if there’s ever a spell of bad weather, this would be an ideal way to pass the time. However, what really blows away even the most experienced of travellers is the wide range of outdoor activities on offer here, which will put you right in the heart of nature.

Pay a visit to the Doi Phu Kha National Park, which will prove the perfect spot for keen trekkers. Here, you’ll be amongst the mountains and might even see the odd cherry blossom during your expedition. Nan is also a popular spot for river rafting along the river in the main town. To get a taste of the local culture, why not pay a trip to the Kad Nan Market? Held in the evenings within the town itself, it offers a wide range of products, including local food and handmade gifts.

Although it may seem easy to get around due to all the attractions being in fairly close proximity, we’d advise you to take local transport in the form of a taxi or motorbike due to the lack of trees providing shade. So, if you’re keen to get walking, stick to early mornings and evenings.

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