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Myanmar‘s capital city is a bit of an oddity, to say the least. Constructed from scratch in 2002, this modern, purpose-built city has an Orwellian vibe due in part to the fact that it’s very large, with few inhabitants compared to its size. On the plus side, the roads are peaceful, and you’ll never get stuck in traffic, but this does mean it lacks some of the bustling charm of Myanmar‘s other cities.

It’s best to start your trip with a visit to the city’s main landmark, the Uppatasanti Pagoda. This 321-foot-high golden pagoda may look a little rough around the edges, but step inside and you’ll be rewarded with magnificent carved stone murals depicting Buddha’s life.

After dark, the best place to head in the city is the Water Fountain Garden. Spanning 165 acres, the fountains are most beautiful as the sun sets, when they’re lit up in an array of colourful hues.

The impressive National Museum, opened in 2015, is known more for the grandeur of its building than the contents within, although you will find some interesting 20th century art and a hands-on room for kids to get interactive. We also recommend a trip to Myanmar‘s national parliament.

Also worth checking out on your trip is the area to the east of the city, near the Sittaung River. Here you’ll find waterfront restaurants serving up freshly grilled fish and river prawns caught just moments ago – delicious! It’s also a nice idea to take a sightseeing boat trip past the plantations and houses, for some great photos of rural Myanmar.

Despite its eerie quietness and modern feel, there’s something quite special about Naypyidaw that you can’t quite put your finger on. The near-empty roads and lack of hustle and bustle make this an unusual city to spend some time in, and one that you definitely should check out on your trip to Myanmar, especially if you’re not a fan of crowds!

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