Niagara Falls, Canada Plan a trip

Experience one of the most colossal forces of nature up close, at Niagara Falls in Ontario.

This incredible waterfall is world-famous, but not everyone knows that there are actually three parts to Niagara – and one of the biggest and best is on the Canadian side of the border.

The city of Niagara Falls in Ontario overlooks the Horseshoe Falls, one of the most expansive and impressive sections of this epic landmark. It’s just across the river from the falls in the US state of New York, linked by the Rainbow Bridge.

No photograph can do Niagara justice. You simply have to be there in person to feel the spray and hear the mighty roar of thousands of gallons of water thundering over the falls. It’s like no experience you’ve ever had.

There are plenty of ways to experience this awesome force of nature for yourself. You can stroll along the cliffside park and promenade, or get a better view by venturing up the Skylon Tower. This 520-ft-high tower isn’t ideal if you’re uncomfortable with heights, but you’ll be generously rewarded with breathtaking views on its observation deck.

You can also get right up to the foot of the Horseshoe Falls on a Hornblower boat cruise, which even runs at night accompanied by thrilling fireworks display. Or why not take to the air in a helicopter ride over the falls? This guarantees an unbeatable birds-eye view of this jaw-dropping spectacle.

If you can drag yourself away from Niagara, the region has plenty of other attractions to tempt you. These include tours and tastings at the acclaimed vineyards within the Niagara Peninsula, taking in a Vegas-style show or getting your heart racing with whitewater rafting and ziplining.

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