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Peaceful and tranquil with a little bit of a buzz at its centre, Pai continues to charm visitors from around the world. Located in the province of Mae Hong Sai on the Pai River and surrounded by mountains, Pai is an ideal getaway. Whilst it’s become more popular amongst tourists in recent years, there’s still plenty to do and see away from the crowds.

Head to the outer regions, where you’ll discover hot springs, waterfalls and old villages. This is the place to go if you want to see Pai in its most natural state. If you go a little further in towards the town along the Pai River, you could try bamboo rafting or white-water rafting. They’re both very popular activities here, and you’ll get to appreciate Pai’s stunning landscapes while you’re at it!

However, if you aren’t keen on getting wet, there are plenty of opportunities on land too. Active types could try hiking or trekking through the mountain ranges. You’ll work up a sweat and have gorgeous views as your reward.

If you want to be amongst the hustle and bustle, the town centre is definitely the place to be. Walking Street is where you’ll find most of the action as it’s is filled with little shops, cafes and restaurants. For party people the town won’t disappoint when it comes to the nightlife. It offers options to suit all tastes throughout the town centre, where bars and clubs play a variety of music and hold a host of live acts.

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