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Located in the West Coast of South Africa, Paternoster is one of the oldest fishing villages in the entire region.

The exact origins of the village’s name are yet to be discovered. The word ‘paternoster’ means ‘our father’ in Latin; many have concluded that the town’s name has a connection with the Catholic Portuguese women who were once stranded here in a shipwreck.

The seaside village has all the typical sights of a fishing hub, with picture-perfect white cottages and dramatic jagged cliffs. It’s home to one of the most stunning beaches on the West Coast, which is made up of pearly white boulders – perfect for taking relaxing strolls when the sun starts to set.

Locals and the few tourists that make it here are happy to know that major redevelopments have been refused in Paternoster, meaning it will continue to hold onto its old-fashioned charm.

While it may seem like a quiet place, there’s still plenty to see and do in Paternoster. If taking a stroll along the coast isn’t for you, why not have a go at horse riding or kayaking as a way of seeing the local area? Hiking trails are also a popular option if you’re hoping to try more challenging routes. Birdwatching is another firm favourite with visitors.

If you’ve done all of that before, you may want to try your hand at deep-sea diving and underwater fishing for crayfish. Or for something a little less strenuous, why not spend your day exploring the seas by jumping on a boat? You may get lucky and spot some dolphins or whales while you’re out there.

As Paternoster is a coastal town, it may come as no surprise that the local cuisine focuses on seafood. In fact, those living in the area have been living off their own catch for over 100 years.

No matter which restaurant you visit, most of the seafood on the menu has been caught by local fisherman, which means it’s fresh and tastes great. Paternoster is best known for its lobster, so this is something you simply must try during your visit.

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