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Its verdant vegetation surrounded by pure white beaches makes Praslin a stunning place to visit. However, it’s not just a spot for sunbathing, it’s great for nature lovers too. At 12 km long and 5 km wide, Praslin is one of the bigger islands in the Seychelles. However, it’s got a great laid-back village vibe as there’s no big town. There are only a few small villages on the island, which make it feel even more remote.

The big draw to Praslin is its beaches; Anse Lazio and Anse Volbert are our favourites. You can also try diving and snorkelling during your stay. There are some spectacular coral reefs wrapped around this island, just waiting to be explored. They’re full to the brim with butterflyfish, sweetlips, damselfish and more. You’ll probably see some seabirds sitting on top of the water trying to catch fish, and while you’re underwater you might even see a turtle or two bobbing around.

There are a few colourful shops selling local products. The banana bread is delicious, but our favourite snack is the smoked sailfish sandwiches; they’re amazing. You can also visit Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve that sits in the middle of the island. You’ll hear the bulbuls chattering in the trees, and look out for the coco de mer palms – Seychelles national symbol – growing all around.

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