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Quy Nhon, pronounced ‘hwee ngon’, is the capital of Binh Dinh province. For centuries its main focus has been fishing and agriculture, but it’s slowly beginning to embrace tourism. For the time being, it remains one of Vietnam’s best kept secrets.

Bai Xep is a glorious cove, around 13 km south, with pure white sand beaches. It’s been a favourite spot with the locals for centuries and is fantastic spot to visit for travellers in the Binh Dinh area.

Quy Nhon is also known for the nearby Quy Hoa Beach and the Leper Hospital that sits on the seafront. Now, an old hospital for leprosy might not be high on your list, but trust us it’s beautiful! The views are amazing, and you’ll be welcomed by descendants of the patients and doctors that once lived there.

You must also visit Thap Doi (the Twin Towers). They stand as monuments to the Cham civilisation that have been in this region for centuries. Learn a little more about Quy Nhon and the surrounding province by visiting the Binh Dinh Museum. It houses some fantastic Cham sculptures, as well as interesting exhibits on the tribal history of the area and the Vietnam War.

The people of Quy Nhon take pride in their town, so there’s not much rubbish around – a welcome change from some other Vietnamese cities you might have been to. This pristine place is the perfect spot for a beach break, and if you walk a little further outside of Quy Nhon you might find an adventure of your own!

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