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Rodrigues has barely been touched since Diogo Rodrigues​ made landfall in 1598 and western tourists very rarely explore in great number – making Rodrigues a fascinating experience for the intrepid traveller.

Sadly, the tortoises that made this place famous are long gone, but there’s still plenty here to explore. Interestingly, this island governs itself, which is relatively easy as the island is so small. Rodrigues is just 17.5 km long and 8 km wide, and most of it is taken up by the 20 beaches that bring tourists from all over the world to this spot.

It might seem quiet, laid-back and relaxed here, but that doesn’t mean it’s dull. You could easily spend a week or so here enjoying the simple, yet active, lifestyle. The wonderfully hilly terrain makes Rodrigues a fantastic destination for hiking. Walking and cycling trails spring out from the island’s lush green centre. Make sure you explore every inch of it. Try to climb to the summit of Mount Limon. It’s 398 metres tall and just a 15-minute trek from the road.

After your climb, you can head to the east coast for snorkelling, diving and deep-sea fishing. This spot is ideal for these activities as the marine environment has been expertly preserved. While underwater, you might see some of the 280 species of coral, different types of rays, turtles and even white-tipped reef sharks. Experienced divers can also explore the caves and canyons in Mourouk and Riviere Banane. If you don’t want to get in the water, you can still see the wonderful marine life during a glass-bottomed boat trip.

Visit the Grande Montagne, explore the botanical gardens and have a go on the highest zipline in the Indian Ocean. It’ll take your breath away in more ways than one! Rodrigues is where you come for a taste of the rustic and simple life. It’s a working island, not a glitzy tourist destination. There are many smallholdings here that produce maize, free-range chickens, honey and the hot chillies Rodrigues is famous for.

This traditional atmosphere gives you a chance to really connect with the ancient, laid-back, Creole culture. It’s also one of the eco-friendliest places in Mauritius. The Environment Minister, an avid diver, has ensured that there’s no industrial pollution here, so you can benefit from the fresh, clean air during your stay.

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