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Lose yourself in the neon nightlife and delicious food scene of Sapporo, the dynamic capital of Hokkaidō. Sapporo is in many ways a very typical modern Japanese city. It’s the country’s largest city north of Tokyo and offers a dazzling choice of restaurants, shopping, nightlife and culture.

The best way to experience Sapporo is to really throw yourself in to its fun-loving atmosphere. Start your adventures with a stroll through Odori, the 12-block long park that cuts right through the city centre, picking up some delicious local street food along the way.

Other must-visit attractions in this friendly city include the Hokkaidō Museum and the Sapporo Beer Museum, where you can find all about Japan’s oldest beer brand. If you like your tourist attractions a little quirkier, take the kids to the Living Museum of Toyohira Salmon Museum – only in Japan can you find gloriously unique museums such as this.

Sapporo also boasts steaming natural hot springs, an American-designed historical clock tower, a chocolate factory and the sprawling Maruyama Zoo. With literally something for everyone in Sapporo, it’s safe to say you won’t be bored here. There is also always something happening in the city, whatever the season. Visit in February for the Yuki Matsuri Snow Festival, while the summer calendar is packed full of food and beer festivals.

Sapporo is also the perfect jumping-off point for adventure hikes and holidays in the magnificent Hokkaidō mountains. But if you’re planning just to pass through Sapporo on your way to a wild adventure, maybe give yourself an extra day or two to explore this characterful and vibrant city.

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