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Savute is the hidden gem of the famous Chobe National Park, a place of ancient water systems and the thrill of big game.

This wild, remote corner of Chobe’s northern boundaries stretches all the way to the Linyanti River. At its heart, the mysterious and unpredictable Savute Channel, which seems to flood, flow and dry up independently of the rainfall which affects the rest of Botswana’s rivers and water channels.

The Savute Channel was dry for almost 30 years, but it’s started to flow again recently. This has led to a dramatic transformation in the region, including an explosion of lush greenery and large numbers of wildlife. This makes it an extremely exciting time to visit this unusual corner of the world.

On safari in Savute, you can expect to see predators in their element. Sightings of lion prides and packs of African wild dog are common, along with leopard, spotted hyena, jackals, cheetah and the rather charming bat-eared fox.

The best time to visit is the summer months, when the rainy season regenerates the marshlands and huge herds of game fill the area – attracted to the abundance of water. Make sure you take your binoculars, as there’s a chance to see dozens of species of migratory and resident birds, including yellow-billed kites, ostrich, crested crane and Carmine bee-eaters.

Other must-see highlights of Savute include a collection of remarkable trees in the Baobab gallery, plus the iconic ‘leopard rock’ in the northern part of the area.

So, settle yourself into one of Savute’s famously luxurious lodges, and get ready for the wilderness experience of a lifetime.

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