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This vast, open desert transforms into craggy mountains, providing the perfect backdrop for some serene contemplation and relaxation. The sheer size of the Southern Kalahari is intimidating; there are hardly any people or animals walking around, so you’ll feel like this space is just for you.

Get here by following the long, lonely road out of Windhoek, and see what you can discover along the way. After all, a driving tour is the best way to see Southern Kalahari. You’ll get to take in the beautiful landscapes and get a taste for local culture.  You’ll see a few towns as you pass through, including Rehoboth and Mariental. They’re nothing special, but Rehoboth is home to some of the proudest Namibians so it’s a good place to learn about Southern Kalahari’s history.

For a more welcoming place to stay, visit the farms and homesteads dotted through the wilderness. There might be a few local eccentrics in the villages, but this will only add to your experience. During your travels, take shelter under an acacia tree and cool down in the shade. If you’re lucky, you might see a weaver bird’s nest. You’ll probably see many birds throughout the Southern Kalahari, but the goshawks are some of our favourites. You might also see some animals scattered around the plains. They may not come from the big five, but keep your eyes peeled for bat-eared foxes, gemsbok, ostriches and donkeys roaming through the plains.

At the end of your journey through South Kalahari, you’ll be rewarded with many opportunities for adventure. Go canoeing and birdwatching along the Orange River, or hiking in the Fish River Canyon. There’s also a hot springs resort hidden among the hills, so why not head there for a bit of rest and relaxation? It’s particularly nice at sunset.

You could also try trekking through the red dunes. They get higher and higher as you travel through the Kalahari, then suddenly disappear to reveal glorious lodges and campgrounds in a picture-perfect setting. Tourists don’t tend to travel much to Southern Kalahari, but the stunning scenery makes it worth the trip. There’s something almost primaeval about the stony, thorny brush, and its eerily quiet nature that makes it all the more exciting!

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