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Located in the Nantou County of Taiwan, Sun Moon Lake is characterised by its turquoise, clear waters set against a striking, mountainous backdrop. In fact, this lake is the largest in the whole of Taiwan. Due to the beauty of its surroundings, many local couples choose to holiday here for a minimoon. However, it’s also a destination that should be on the bucket list for UK travellers heading this way.

One of the best ways to see the lake in its full glory is by cycling. The area offers a designated cycle path which will take you around half of the lake. It’s designed for both beginners and those who are more experienced. However, if you’re simply visiting to unwind and don’t want too much strenuous activity, you may opt for a relaxing boat ride, which is certainly the quickest and easiest way of seeing the lake.

Depending on the season when you’re visiting, the boats usually run between 9am to 5pm, and will take you to a number of drop-offs such as Shuishe, Syanguang or Ita Thao Pier. A more daring option would be to witness the lake from a height via the lake ropeway. Lasting for just seven minutes (although this may be a lifetime for those afraid of heights), the ride will take you up into the hills to give you a spectacular view of the entire lake.

Tea-drinking fans will be in their element on visiting the Antique Assam Tea Farm. In its heyday, the factory had over 200 workers. Today, it still produces high-quality tea, but on a smaller scale, and welcomes visitors from across the world. There are a variety of teas you can sip at your leisure, but the speciality here is the Assam black tea.​ One top tip would be to visit at the very end of the day after the rush of crowds, so you have a better chance of being in a smaller group.

If you’re keen to learn about local culture, why not visit two local temples – the Xuanzang and the Wenwu? Although swimming in Sun Moon Lake is usually not allowed, each autumn, a festival takes place in which more than 100 swimmers dive into the waters to try swimming the 3km length – so, have a go if you wish!

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