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Taroko National Park is one of the nine national parks in Taiwan and is one of the country’s most famous attractions. Covering a vast 1,200 square kilometres, the region is over 90% mountainous land. The Liwu River surges its way through the park, forming striking valleys which make their way to the sea.

One of the less popular and somewhat hidden sights is the bell tower, where you’ll experience amazing views of Taroko Gorge. You’ll find it located above Eternal Spring Shrine, with the walk up to the top taking approximately 20 minutes. Make sure you have a head for heights however, as you’ll be expected to walk along a suspension bridge just before you reach the clock tower. It’s also well worth making a visit to Swallow Grotto, which was formed by erosion caused by the Liwu River. One of the most amazing facts is that the grotto was once under the sea, but because of tectonic collision, was raised to the site where it stands today.

If you’re looking to find somewhere a little out of the way of tourists, why not take a hike along the Zhuilu Old Trail? This will give you the chance of walking a daring cliff path at a 500-metre altitude. It’s also a great shout for those interested in learning more about the local history, as the trail was once an aboriginal settlement.

If you’re keen on discovering more hiking trails, another good option is the two-hour path to the Baiyang Waterfall. During the hike, you’ll be expected to make your way through a long, dark tunnel which is approximately 380 km in length, so be sure to bring your torch or it will be pitch black – fun maybe, but not very practical!

At the end of a long day, it would be well worth heading to Liwu Mountain to witness the incredible sunset. As a keen traveller, it’s likely you’ll have seen thousands of sunsets in different locations, but what makes this particular spot in Taroko so special is that you’ll be 1,000 metres high when you see the sun fall into the Pacific Ocean, which turns the sparkling sea a gorgeous shade of yellow.

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