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Ready to go leopard & elephant spotting? Head to Yala National Park, which lies next to the Indian Ocean between the Southern and Uva Provinces.

The Sri Lankan leopard is the star of the show at Yala National Park. In fact, it has one of the highest leopard densities than anywhere else in the world, so you’ve a good chance of seeing one of these beautiful creatures as you head out on safari. Yala provides a safe space for the leopard population, which lives side-by-side with Sri Lankan elephants, spotted deer, wild buffalo, sloth bears and wild boars. All in all, there are more than 200 bird species here, along with 44 mammal species and many more reptiles. So, bring your binoculars!

A visit to Yala National Park is a unique experience. It’s a vast, wild place spanning nearly 1,000 square kilometres, although not all of it is open to the public. This crucial wildlife sanctuary features open grasslands, forest, lagoons and watering holes, which is where of course you’re likely to find many of the native animals. You’ll love the thrill of excitement as you head out on safari just after sunrise, not knowing what wonders you’re going to see during the day. Just as exciting is the unexpected surprise as an elephant saunters past your accommodation – it really does happen!

Yala isn’t all about the wildlife, although this popular National Park is a nature lovers’ dream. This part of Sri Lanka was also home to many ancient civilisations during its history, and around 400,000 pilgrims still visit its most important historical sites every year. To find out more, pop into one of the many museums in the area, which tell the story of the culture, history and of course, the animals of Yala.

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