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The Caprivi Strip is very different to the rest of Namibia. The lush, green grasslands and humid atmosphere make it an extraordinary place to visit. However, few tourists make it this far north as it’s quite a long journey. Most people only pass through on their way to the Victoria Falls. But those that reach here aren’t left disappointed; in fact, they usually find it quite hard to leave.

Also known as the Zambezi Region, the Caprivi Strip sits in the north of the country and stretches across the top of Botswana. It once belonged to the Germans, but that didn’t pan out, so they handed the land back to South Africa at the end of World War I. Now it’s a rich and verdant destination. It gets a lot of rain throughout the year, and the Okavango and Kwando rivers cut through the strip. This means that there are many waterfalls, rapids, swamps and watering holes, so the Strip is a big draw for native wildlife and hikers looking for an adventure.

Explore the nearby nature parks during your stay. The Mahangu is full of game; you’ll spot antelope, elephants, buffalo and lions. You can even have a picnic by the hippo pool. Mudumu is another great spot for animal lovers. There are huge herds of buffalo here – something almost unheard of in Namibia. There are also numerous birds to see; the rare African jacana is one of our favourites.

While you’re there, take a tour down the Chobe River. Your guide will point out the best spots to see animals and you can even travel to Botswana on this route. Several small villages depend on the fertile river banks, so why not visit one during your stay? As you’re looking around, watch out for children herding goats and cows – they might get in your way if you’re driving.

At present, the Caprivi Strip is pretty much untouched by the western world, and Mamili and Mudumu are evolving into excellent safari spots. However, give it a few more years and tourists will flock here to see the buffalo and elephants, so you need to get here first. Enjoy the Caprivi Strip in its purest form. Embrace the roadside huts and stalls and get to know the townspeople in their traditional dress. It might be your last chance to do so.

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