Thailand is a beautiful, culturally rich and diverse country. Oh, and it has some of the best food in the world.

But is that all there is to know? Absolutely not! This is a destination that will continually surprise you, where you could visit dozens of times and still discover something new. 

There are probably hundreds of fascinating, unusual things to discover about Thailand, but we’ve put together just a handful to whet your travel appetite:


1)It has a whopping 1,430 islands – including one where you can spot the rare dugong

It’s often said that there’s an island for everyone in Thailand, and it’s true! Across the full 1,430 islands, there are untouched beaches, mangrove forests, waterfalls, rare and native animals, inaccessible coves and much more.

There’s even an island (Koh Libong) where you can see the elusive dugong sea cow, one of the only places in the world where they can be spotted.


2)It has an amazing annual arts festival

Every year, The Fields at Siam Country Club (just outside Pattaya in Chonburi Province) hosts an inclusive, sustainable and diverse arts festival. With the stunning Thai countryside as its backdrop, Wonderfruit Festival celebrates art and architecture, music, food, family, wellness and much more over four action-packed days. The festival has a strong environmentally conscious ethos, and also encourages sustainable living and social responsibility.


3)There’s a lake full of red lotus blossoms

Every October, just after the rainy season has finished, Lake Nong Harn in the Udon Thani Province is filled with beautiful red lotus flowers as far as the eye can see. This unusual and rather magical event happens as the flowers start to sprout inside the lake, and they remain until March.

4)It has the world’s largest Chinatown – and the biggest gold Buddha on the planet

If you spend some time in Bangkok, you must visit the sprawling Chinatown – endless alleyways, shops and stalls which make up the biggest Chinatown on the planet. There’s also an enormous solid gold buddha to marvel at, weighing in at 5.5 tonnes.

5)It has its own Angkor Wat – and it’s built on a volcano

It’s amazing that more tourists don’t know about this spectacular Khymer temple, which not only resembles the iconic Angkor Wat but is also built on an extinct volcano. Phanom Rung, in the Isan region of Thailand, is on the UNESCO World heritage list too.

Ever feel you don’t see the real side of a destination on an ordinary holiday?

If you stick to the tourist trail, the chances are that you’ll never truly get under the skin of a country’s people, culture and history.

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