With more natural wonders than you could ever explore in a lifetime, it’s easy to see why Canada is considered one of the most beautiful countries on Earth.

This is a land of thrilling winter sports, diverse wildlife and epic landscapes, but there’s so much more to Canada than that. It’s also home to uniquely delicious food, friendly people and amazing cosmopolitan cities like Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

Canada is also known for its rich cultural heritage and multicultural society. Home to Indigenous peoples for thousands of years, Canada has a long history of immigration, resulting in a diverse population that embraces cultural diversity and celebrates its heritage through festivals, cuisine, and the arts

Canada’s natural beauty is one of its defining characteristics, with iconic landmarks such as the Rocky Mountains, Niagara Falls, and Banff National Park attracting millions of visitors each year. Outdoor enthusiasts flock to Canada to explore its vast wilderness areas, engage in activities such as hiking, skiing, and kayaking, and marvel at its diverse wildlife, including bears, moose, and whales.

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  • History and Culture

    Despite its proximity to the US, Canada has its own unique history and culture. It’s a cultural meeting point, shaped by French and British as well as American influences over the centuries.

    The country is proud and protective of its identity, while also being famously welcoming to new arrivals. Modern Canada offers fabulous diversity in its food, culture and languages. You can find a fantastic South Asian food scene in Toronto, a large Chinese population in Vancouver, and discover the creativity of Canada’s indigenous peoples in museums and art galleries across the country.

  • Nature and wildlife

    To say that Canada has spectacular scenery would be a serious understatement. This is an awesomely beautiful country, with everything from the towering mountains of the Canadian Rockies to lush forests, thundering waterfalls and picturesque prairies. It also has ice fields, semi-arid deserts, rugged coastlines and world-class beaches.

    As you explore Canada’s world-class national parks and stunning UNESCO sites, from Whistler to Niagara Falls, you’ll be treated to all kinds of thrilling wildlife sights. Expect to see everything from caribou and elk to grizzly bears, whales and sea birds to polar bears.

    And if you’re coming to see the Northern Lights, head to the Yukon province for a front-row seat to the best show on earth.

  • Food and drink

    Thanks to its rich and varied cultural background, including a heavy French influence in some areas, Canadian cuisine is truly unique. You’ll love tucking into the comforting national dish of poutine, along with delicious farm-to-table restaurant fayre and some of the freshest seafood on the Canadian coast – and watch out for the country’s thriving microbrewery scene.

  • Adventure and experiences

    If you’re a thrill-seeker or a lover of outdoor adventures, Canada is your playground. You can do it all in this breathtaking natural landscape, from skiing and snowboarding in Whistler, snow-shoeing and mountain climbing in Banff and Jasper, to surfing in Nova Scotia.

    You can kayak, hike, bike, white water raft, and kiteboard here. There’s also plenty of opportunity for wildlife viewing; with black bears, grizzlies, orcas, and even polar bears all possible sightings.

Flag of Canada
  • Capital city: Ottawa
  • Language: English, French
  • Currency: Canadian Dollar
  • Time Difference: UTC - 2.5/3/4/5/6/7
  • Flight Time: 7h30 to Toronto from London Heathrow
  • Visa: ETA Before Travel
  • Peak Season: June to September

Did you know?

At 9.98 million square miles, Canada is the second largest country on the planet!

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Banff National Park
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