If you’re looking for a holiday with adventure, then look no further than Cape Town. Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the steep slopes of the Table Mountain, this enthralling city is perfectly positioned for satisfy the most demanding of thrill seekers’ appetite for adventure.

If you are thinking about a holiday in South Africa in 2024, and thrill and adventure is at the top of your agenda, then check out the following top attractions in Cape Town for thrill-seekers.  

Quad biking at Atlantis Dunes

Located around 45km from Cape Town along South Africa’s stunning West Coast, is Atlantic Dunes, also known as Witzands Aquifer Nature reserve. This important and beautiful conservation area is the perfect setting for an incredible quad biking experience. Thrill-seekers can blast over the soft white sand of the dunes, which reach an incredible 50 metres high. As well as quad biking, ultimate sandboarding and 4×4 experiences are on offer in this truly unique part of Africa’s West Coast.

No previous experience is needed, as the facility’s fully qualified instructors are there to guide all participants.  

Kayaking at Hout Bay Harbour

Calling a kayakers… the excursion offered at Hout Bay promises to be like no other you have previously experienced. This quaint fishing harbour is positioned on the edge of the ocean in Hout Bay and provides the perfect spot to kayak among the treasure of marine life that live here. Two-hour kayaking adventures are hosted by professional and knowledgeable guides, who will acquaint you with the hidden corners of the bay and out into the vast ocean. 

Biking at Cape Point

The rugged beauty of Cape Point on the Cape Peninsula is crying out to be explored. Mountain bikes are one of the best ways to experience the dramatic coastal cliffs and wildlife-rich landscapes of Cape Point and immerse yourself in the natural beauty.

Hiking on Table Mountain

At over 1,000 metres high, made from sandstone and granite, and boasting a flat-topped summit, Table Mountain is one of the most iconic landmarks of South Africa. This magnificent mountain is there to be explored and marvelled at, and adventurous travellers looking for memorable experiences are in their element. 

Don’t forget to pack your hiking boots to conquer this fabulous natural wonder. With a variety of trails meandering to the top, all levels of fitness are catered for. Or, if you don’t feel like walking, a cable car can take you to the top. Once at the summit, drink up those panoramic views that stretch across the city, coastline, and over South Africa’s unique landscape. 

Abseiling on Table Mountain

Of course, a mountain as unique and rewarding as Table Mountain offers much more than just hiking. Those visiting Cape Town for thrill and adventure, might be interested in abseiling down the sheer cliffs of this iconic landmark for the ultimate adrenaline rush. 

Snorkelling with seals

Cape Fur seals bless the waters off Cape Town with their presence, and, in fact, can only be found on the Southern African coast. These adorable creatures interact with snorkelers diving in the waters. Duiker Island in Hout Bay is home to approximately 5,000 seals, providing the ultimate sea life adventure for travellers seeking unique experiences. 

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