Caves & Karsts of Krabi by Kayak Plan a trip

Pick up from your hotel and transfer to Ban Bor Thor. The area is a National Park in which there is a complex system of rivers, inlets and limestone caves. This area is one of the earliest sites of human occupation in Thailand and is rich in archeological treasures, artifacts and cave drawings. Many of these caves are accessible only by kayak.

This Krabi Kayak adventure will show you all these features and so much more. As well as the archeological attraction, the area really is just a beautiful place to spend some time paddling down the narrow channels between the mangroves. Travelling this silently you will get to see all the wildlife that inhabits the water and banks, many brightly colored birds, and even otters.

Tham Lod Cave is a tunnel right under the cliffs through which you can paddle with your kayak, the cave is decorated richly with stalactites and stalagmites. Then discover Tham Lod Nua and the cave painting adorned Tham Pee Hua Toh, two other caves that go deep into the mountain. The isolation in the caves with just the sound of the occasional drip strips away the noise and hustle and bustle of modern days leaving you to experience the caves as our ancestors did many thousands of years ago. 15:30 – Arrive back to your hotel.

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