Trailing Desert Adapted Elephants Plan a trip

After an early breakfast you’ll head off through the Klip River valley and surrounding areas as you go on the search for one of only two groups of desert adapted elephants in the world.

Accompanied by your safari guides and experienced local game trackers, part of the tracking will take place on foot, some by specially adapted safari vehicle, you’ll cover large amounts of ground (and take in some incredible scenery) to maximise your chances of coming across these magnificent mammals.

Your local trackers are finely tuned to read the slightest signs left behind by these remarkable and highly endangered animals, identifying their tracks and stalking them from there.

Although sightings cannot be guaranteed as this is one of the last few areas where wildlife can roam freely in Namibia, the experience alone is more than worth it. Lunch will be out in the veld near a natural spring, returning to the lodge in the late afternoon.

Desert Adapted Elephant: In habitats with sufficient vegetation and water an adult elephant consumes as much as 300 kg of roughage and 230 litres of water every day of its life. Consider what a herd of them would eat and drink in a week or a month or a year. Finding an African elephant in the desert is one of the most unique wildlife experiences on the planet.

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