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Bird Island is totally unique. From the moment you land on the grassy runway you know you’re in for a true desert island experience! The island, as you may expect, is abundant with birdlife, but you’ll immediately notice something rather larger in the form of the giant tortoise that roam free.

The lodges are eco focussed and designed so you feel at one with the nature on the island. The wildlife feel so at ease you can pick a spot around dusk and you may be lucky enough to see a wild sea turtle crawl ashore to lay its eggs.

During your stay you can also join in with the conservation work if you want to. You’ll protect Bird Island so it can be enjoyed by future generations, and yourself if you’re enough to come back!

Shade yourself under a coconut tree, or go snorkelling to discover the rich marine life around the coral reefs. Even if you’re not that into birds, there’s plenty to entertain you for a few days. Or, you can just enjoy doing nothing and watch the slow waves lap in and out.

We love Bird Island because you can get really close to nature here. The lush green vegetation, birds and animals completely take over parts of the island, which make it even more exciting to explore.

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