Jungle Ruins of Bang Mealea by Helicopter Plan a trip

Depart by helicopter from Siem Reap International Airport and climb–up to heights from where the entire Angkor Complex can be observed. Your destination, located 65 kilometres from Siem Reap, Beng Mealea is a sprawling jungle temple constructed by King Suryavarman II in the early 12th century.

It preceded and may have served as a prototype of sorts for Angkor Wat. Today the temple is largely overrun by vegetation and the stone walls are crumbling which adds to its charm in a unique way. Accessibility has improved as elevated walkways have been set up throughout most of the temple, although it requires a sense of adventure to see all corners as you will need to climb over stone blocks or walk

Given its remote location and relative obscurity, you could very well be the only people visiting – which makes the experience all the more memorable!

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