Ringside at the Thai Boxing Plan a trip

Head for the Rajdamnoen Stadium, Bangkok’s historic indoor sporting arena, for a night of Muay Thai aka Thai Boxing – Thailand’s famous martial art & national sport.

The pre-fight atmosphere is buzzing as musicians play lively traditional music and local fans come to fill the bleachers. Your local guide will give background information into the sport, which originated in the 16th century, and the rules of the competition.

If you’re parched or peckish, There’s plenty of stalls around selling beer, cold drinks & local munch.

Then the fights begin! Witness the boxers going through an elaborate pre-fight ritual. Called the wai kru, this combination of slow-moving dance steps and praying is meant to pay homage to the boxers’ teachers and to bless the fighters. After a short introduction by the referee, the fights will begin.

Watch several fights during the course of the evening, joining the locals as they cheer on their favourite boxer & place bets (in a pretty unique way!). Watch – and learn- the incredible tactics used by the fighters to bring down their opponents. It’s brutal, but full of skill.


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