River Safari: On the trail of the Orangutan Plan a trip

The Kinabatangan River ecosystem is among the most diverse and exciting on the planet. It’s also home to one of the only wild Orangutan populations on the planet. This series of river safaris take place at different times of day to increase your chances of a sighting.

First, you’ll rise early in the morning, for an unforgettable river cruise to Kelenanap Oxbow Lake, a crescent shaped lake that formed when the river’s meander became so wide that it cut itself off. The stillness of the lake and relative protection provides a haven for animals and plants making for an ecosystem that’s completely distinct from that of the active river.

You’ll also visit a local fishing village, Kampung Abai, to interact with local Orang Sungai, a river people who have long inhabited the area, to get a glimpse into daily life deep in the Borneon rainforest.

After heading back to the lodge, you’re back out on the river in the late afternoon to continue your search for the elusive Orangutan, dubbed one of humankind’s closest relatives. Even if you don’t catch a glimpse of an Orangutan, keep your eyes out for: Pigmy Elephants, Proboscis Monkies, Clouded Leopards & a embarrassment of fascinating birdlife. The afternoon is a particularly advantageous time to spot wildlife and the light is perfect for photography.

You’ll head out again in the dead of night for an unforgettable night river safari to see some of the jungle’s nocturnal inhabitants. The light pollution is so low here, that on a clear night you can see the milky way.

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