Quality time with the Asian Elephant Plan a trip

Thailand is famous for being one of the best places in the world to spend time with the Asian Elephant. However, it’s popularity has lead to a horrible trend of Elephants being captured and forced into the tourist industry.

Thankfully, the tide is beginning to turn as more & more tour operators refuse to use or endorse such activities. At Blank Canvas, we reject all animal cruelty and only offer our clients wildlife experiences that benefit both them, and the wildlife itself.

Your experience today involves no chains, no riding and is designed to allow you and the Elephants to connect and enjoy other’s company. You will feed the elephants. observe the elephants bathing. clean fruit/vegetables, and prepare then cook sticky rice for the older elephants.

Afterwards you’ll have your own bite to eat before helping to both gather and plant food for these beautiful creatures. You’ll then feed them some dinner before taking them to the river for a good scrub down.

A rewarding day for all involved.

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