The Ancient Art of Taiko Drumming Plan a trip

Be immersed in Japanese culture with traditional taiko lessons in Tokyo. Witness a performance of skilled musicians, beating drums of various shapes and sizes with theatrical movements in what is called taiko in the Japanese language.

After the performance join a dynamic taiko workshop to learn more about the art of drumming. Get a short lesson about the origins of this 6th-century art form and its evolution over the centuries. Talk to the performers about their personal experiences, playing at traditional ceremonies, Japanese festivals and other gatherings.

Then don a taiko drummer’s outfit consisting of a haori, a lightweight jacket, and a hachimaki, a headband. Once dressed for the part, grab a pair of drumsticks and learn the techniques from a professional drummer. Try a variety of taiko drums, from handheld Okinawan model to the huge wadaiko drums.

This is a slice of real Japanese culture, in a fun and engaging way!

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