Pangkor Laut Resort, Pangkor Islands

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Set on tall stilts above the water, much of the Pangkor Laut Resort looks like your traditional Malay village. However, step inside and you’ll enter a world of luxury that’s hard to beat.

Its position close to rocky outcrops, dense jungle and clear blue waters makes it the perfect spot for both relaxing and having an adventure or two; that’s why it’s so popular with all who come here. Add in the fact that it’s a completely private island, and you may find it difficult to leave.

Pangkor Laut Resort has several villas you can stay in; the only decision you need to make is whether you go for one nestled among the trees or out on the water.

All the villas have a large, open en-suite bathroom with an oversized bathtub, plus a veranda or balcony with sun loungers so you can relax and enjoy the incredible views Pangkor Islands have to offer.


The restaurants in the resort serve delicious fresh food all day long. The chefs celebrate the region’s culinary traditions and add their own flair to each dish – making them taste even better.

You can eat inside the restaurants, but if you want a really intimate experience you should book a candlelit meal for two on Emerald Bay. It’s truly unforgettable.

This resort has its own spa village that takes the traditional healing methods of the region and applies them to its spa treatments, resulting in an incredibly refreshing experience. Make sure you try at least one during your stay!

Why We Love It

The Pangkor Laut Resort can be your very own slice of paradise. The sparkling water, lush green hills and soft white sand make it the perfect backdrop for an indulgent break.

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