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Once a pirate haven, Pangkor Island has evolved into a beautiful beach destination. These days, there are few traces of its troubled history and all that’s left are the glorious beaches to lounge on, thick jungles to explore and exciting activities to try. Pangkor Island, or ‘Beautiful Island’ as it translates to, played a significant role in the battle to control the Strait of Malacca. The Dutch also once built a fort here to help take over the tin trade.

Its opportune position among the other islands made it contentious, but now it’s peaceful and at one with nature. Few visitors come here, so chances are you’ll have a fantastic, tranquil experience on Pangkor Island. The island isn’t too far from Kuala Lumpur, so it offers a great opportunity to escape city life, even if just for a day or two. Head into the jungle and see how many animals you can spot. You’ll probably hear the chattering monkeys first, but you’re much more likely to see one of the hornbills flapping around the trees. There are a few different varieties to discover, so keep an eye out.

Walk along the Sungai Pinang or visit the bright and colourful Teluk Gedong. Indulge in the peaceful and beautiful scenery during your stay. There are also a few water sports on offer here for more adventurous visitors. Try jet-skiing, snorkelling, parasailing, canoeing and more.

The corals that surround the island are amazing, so you’ll spot several types of fish if you go for a dive. Ask the locals on the island for the best spots. The relaxed and laid-back vibe that spreads throughout Pangkor cannot be beaten. Cycle around the island to get your bearings and find a secluded spot to watch the sun go down.

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