The Shanti Maurice, Le Morne & The South Coast

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The Shanti Maurice is an indulgent and relaxing destination that serves as the perfect escape from the real world. It sits right on the beachfront in Le Morne, surrounded by powdery sands and tall, green trees.

You can explore the mountainous areas around the resort and find the natural waterfalls that flow down them. It’s an incredible sight that you’ll never forget.

This resort has a range of villas and suites for you to choose from. Some lead right onto the beach, others look out over the idyllic Indian Ocean. They’re all spread out from each other and separated by private gardens.

Spend an evening sitting on the terrace looking out at your private oasis; there’s nothing quite like it.


Many of the villas have their own pools, but there’s also a shared pool with a jacuzzi and a spa pool for you to enjoy too.

Make sure you visit the spa. It offers a range of reinvigorating treatments, sure to revive and re-energise you.

You can choose from hydrotherapy, body polishes, massages and traditional Watsu treatments. They will ease any tension you’re holding in your body and leave you feeling refreshed for the rest of your stay. You can also take part in activities such as yoga, Pilates and traditional meditation.

The hotel even has its own boutique shop selling Mauritian handicrafts, so you can come away with a souvenir of this unforgettable holiday.

Why We Love It

We love the Shanti Maurice because it’s a feast for all the senses; the air smells like sugarcanes, the sand crumbles beneath your toes, the food is delicious and the views … well, they’re just incredible.

Plan your stay at The Shanti Maurice today.

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