Camp Kwando, Zambezi Region

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What could be more stunning than the wild beauty of the African bush and the Zambezi Region? The Kwando River plays host to Camp Kwando where you can be immersed in this fantastic land while staying in this tremendous camp boasting a range of accommodation choices.

Sat right on the bank of the river you will find 13 river tents; simply but beautifully decorated traditional huts that offer views of the water from their private verandas.

If you are looking for more home comforts, then the luxury chalets could be for you. Raised on stilts, these cabins have a stylish finish, more space and boast fantastic views.


The stunning riverside dining experience is a treat for all the senses, and the range of flavours available caters to all tastes.

It comes as little surprise that a resort in such a glorious natural setting boasts so many activities for those who stay there. You can explore the area by water with a boat trip, or go on a game drive to see the land-loving animals who call this glorious slice of land home.

For some relaxation, the outdoor swimming pool is a refreshing respite from the tropical heat, plus there is a host of ‘bush beds’, allowing guests to rest amongst the sound of nature.

Seeing animal life is part of everyday life here at Camp Kwando, and you can indulge in a spot of bird watching or fishing if this is a particular passion for you.

If you are holidaying with children, then Camp Kwando provides activities especially for them; with fishing lessons and basket-weaving classes available.

Why We Love It

The sheer beauty of the location is enough to turn your head. Without a doubt, it is one of the most impressive places in Namibia, and well off the usual tourist trail

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