Okonjima Plains Camp, Okonjima

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Okonjima used to be a farming community and the Okonjima Plains Camp pays homage to this heritage.

The owners used to farm Brahman and Jersey cattle here, but sold their cows so it could become a thriving tourist destination.

They recovered land from the grass plains and created the stunning surroundings that you can see today.


There are a few different types of rooms you can choose from at the Okonjima Plains Camp.

In the Standard Rooms, you’ll have a small veranda, a large shower and a mini fridge.

In the View Rooms, you’ll have a fantastic view of the Okonjima grass plains, and you’ll be slightly further away from the main part of the camp. You’ll also have a veranda where you can relax and enjoy watching the world go by.

In the Budget Garden Rooms, you’ll stay in the original homestead garden and have an en-suite bathroom. It’s a little bit smaller, but still a great place to stay.

The Barn, or ‘The Lapa’ as it’s nicknamed, is the main gathering place for guests. There’s the dining and lounge area, a little curio shop with all your essentials and a cool and refreshing pool.

The team at the Okonjima Plains Camp are happy to organise activities for visitors. This includes game drives into the park to see lots of different animals and visits to AfriCat, the charity that helps protect lions, leopards and cheetahs across Africa.

Get involved with as many activities as you can; this will make it a once in a lifetime trip.

Why We Love It

The Okonjima Plains Camp is a fantastic callback to a bygone era in Namibia. It has a slightly nostalgic charm, which makes it all the more endearing.

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