Ongava Lodge, Etosha National Park

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One of the most well established and premier facilities in the Etosha National Park and Namibia, the Ongava Lodge welcomes guests to an enchanting experience among the natural beauty and wildlife of the African wilderness.

Fourteen chalets are available, each crafted from rock and thatch for a natural look. Every chalet is beautifully styled and has modern amenities for a luxurious stay. All of the rooms have access to incredible views showcasing the best of the landscape.


There are a lot of facilities and activities here that show off the natural beauty of the land around you. The game drives remain a favourite part of the experience, granting exclusive access to all of the wildlife and landscapes which are on offer. There’s also a well-placed hide, where you can view a slice of life at the local watering hole; lions, tigers and a lot of other animals all make this locale their home and frequently stop for a drink.

Delicious meals are served in the day and the evening, either inside the restaurant or out on the veranda where you can enjoy the views. Plus, there’s a pool for you to head to for a refreshing dip to wash away the heat of the day and unwind before you retreat for the evening.

Why We Love It

The accommodation’s natural vibe paired with luxurious finishing makes Ongava Lodge one of the best choices in the Etosha area.

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