Coco De Mer Hotel & Black Parrot Suites, Praslin

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The Coco de Mer Hotel & Black Parrot Suites is a vibrant, modern resort surrounded by greenery and astounding scenery.

It’s named after the rare Coco de Mer trees and even rarer Black Parrots, so there’s an air of exclusivity and mystery that pervades the atmosphere of the hotel.

Go exploring through the trees during your stay and see what secrets you can discover. It’ll make your trip even more exciting.

There are a few types of rooms to choose from at the Coco De Mer Hotel & Black Parrot Suites. However, they’ve all got a comfortable, modern touch that will make you feel at home.

They’re really airy and have a balcony and terrace where you can enjoy the sea views. This gives you a little dash of privacy that you can’t get in the busier parts of Praslin.


This hotel is known for its glorious beaches; they form part of the bay at Anse Bois de Rose and have pure white sands, palm trees, hammocks, and sun loungers where you can relax.

The pools here are also fantastic; one is in the shape of a Coco de Mer tree and looks right out over the Indian Ocean. The other is at the Black Parrot Junior Suites, and sits right on top of a granite rock. The views from here are incredible!

You can also choose from a few bars and restaurants here, where you can eat local dishes and enjoy a cocktail or two at any time of the day.

Why We Love It

We love the Coco De Mer Hotel & Black Parrot Suites because it’s a modern hotel with a dollop of character.

Plan your stay at the Coco De Mer Hotel & Black Parrot Suites today.

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